How to Feel More Calm more of the time. 

The "Creating Consistent Calm" Programme for Mothers 

I'll give you the practices and processes to help you create consistent cam so you can feel more ease and joy and so you can parent from a place of calm and presence. 

  • Learn step by step processes for calming your nervous system in the moment. 

  • Receive specific exercises to help you gain insight and clarity around what you really need so you can tailor your practices to your needs and values.

  • Learn skills and practices for Cultivating your Calm, so you can deepen your reserves for the most trying of moments.

  • Connect with your internal motivation for change so that you can effectively apply your new skills and knowledge straight away.  

When you enroll in this programme you'll get:

4 Live Training Sessions

Join me live or watch at your convenience. Each session is up to 75 minutes long or when all your questions have been answered..whichever comes first. Starts Wednesday the 20th May  and continues on Thursday the 21st, Friday the 22nd and Wednesday the 27th. All sessions are at 1pm and all times are NZT.

Access to Members Only Area

You will have access to all modules, videos and worksheets for three months. 

Ongoing Community Support

Join my  "Mums Cultivating Calm" community on facebook   and receive ongoing support, inspiration and  motivation.

Unlimited Email Access

Receive unlimited email access for the duration of the programme.

Supportive Resources

In addition to your live training sessions you will receive worksheets, audio recordings of explorations as well as exercises to help you integrate your experience. Each exercise has been carefully crafted so that you leave each session feeling great and able to apply the skills straight away. 

Access to 20 years of clinical experience

You get to learn from and have access to a therapist with extensive training in MindBody healthcare and 20+ years of clinical experience working in the field of chronic pain and stress

Bonus Private Phone Consultation

Valued at $100, you will also receive a bonus 40 minute private phone consultation with me within 2 weeks of the completion of the course. This is an invaluable opportunity to troubleshoot and ask questions that have bubbled up as you've begun practicing some of the skills.  

When you Enroll in this Programme you will learn:

Module 1: Connect

  • ​Introduction outlining the whole programme. 

  • Learn how to free up energy to add to your reserves. 

  • Learn how to refine your awareness of your body sensations and connect with your body's wisdom so you can make wise choices to support yourself from moment to moment. 

  • Learn how to access the healing power of compassion. 

Module 3 : Cultivate

  • Learn how to cultivate resilience in your nervous system so that you can increase your reserves for the difficult moments. 

  • Connect with your resources and begin to design a life that provides your nervous system with a sanctuary of safety. 

  • Discover how you might be depleting your energy reserves unknowingly. 

Module 2 : Calm

  • Learn how your nervous system responds to ongoing pain and stress.

  • Learn how to access the healing power of your vagus nerve.  

  • Learn 3 effective skills for calming your nervous system.

  • Learn to recognise the triggers that aggravate your nervous system

Module 4 : Activate

  • Connect with your motivation for change

  • Set goals that reflect your unique needs and align with your values. 

  • Gain insight into the roadblocks that are or may stop you from achieving your goals. 

  • Integrate the training from the previous 3 days.

Join me now for "Roots of Calm"... Your answer to feeling more Ease, Joy and Presence as a Mum.

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