About Natalie  (BSc Physio, CST-D, cert Rehab Pilates, MNZSP, MNSP)

15 years ago I was running my holistic health business, working in it and on it, and feeling depleted, run down and on edge.


I wasn’t walking my talk so to speak and I had no more to give (but I kept on giving anyways). I was in pain, I was irritable and starting to feel resentful. Something had to change. I loved my work but I needed to find a way to give that didn't drain my reserves and steal from my health. 


 So began the next layer of my journey, the part where I needed to ask for help.

Thanks to a wise mentor I learnt how to tune in and connect with my body as a source of wisdom and knowledge, and I learnt to honour and trust its messages. I made wiser decisions to support my own health and wellbeing which ultimately allowed me to serve others from a place of fullness and presence.  

I spent the next 10 years training, researching, exploring, living and sharing these behind the scenes processes that allow me to thrive while serving others. And, I have come to learn that this knowledge and these skills are invaluable to me as both a mother and a wellness professional.

For the past few years I have been developing and refining retreats and programs so I can share this Wisdom beyond the clinic and help other Mothers and Caregivers experience more ease and calm and be inspired about life again. 

This experience deepened my career long special interest in working with people struggling with Pain, Stress and Overwhelm. 

As a Thrive Expert I'm like a less polished version of Mary Poppins (“Unpolished Poppins”). With a mix of practical resources and a little magic  I  help you; see your life as it is, connect with how you want it to be and help you get to a point where you don't need me anymore.

When you work with me – the first step is to calm your nervous system so you can experience relief. Then, we spend time helping you gain clarity around where you are now, and where you would like to be. Next, I help you connect with your body and its wisdom  so that you can respond to your body’s whispers before they become screams. Finally, I help you Integrate this knowledge and awareness so you can continue to support yourself wisely even after we’ve finished working together.

Working with me is like nurturing a seedling. We explore how your environment affects your potential for thriving and you gain tools to nurture your roots, tap into your resources and adapt to your environment... and Thrive!

Clients who have worked with me have experienced greater insight and clarity into their circumstances and a greater connection with their body's wisdom. They’ve learnt tools and exercises to support themselves and they’ve gone on to make profound changes in their lives that have allowed them to be more present and engaged.

 I help Mothers struggling with pain, stress and overwhelm get back on track and inspired about life again. This allows me to do what I’m most passionate about, which is awakening mother's compassion for themselves so they can feel more supported and parent with Presence and Calm. 

© 2017 by Thrive Beyond Pain. 

Kesteven Avenue, Auckland, New Zealand. 


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