Find Your Calm - A Journey for Mums is a practical 6 part email and video series that will help you find yout calm when you need you can transform transform those high tension moments from Wired, Explosive and Relationship busting to Grounded, Calm and Relationship Building. 

Find Your Calm - A Journey for Mums.

  • ✔︎ A series of 6 emails and 5 videos over the course of a week - delivered directly to your inbox - no need to remember or find separate log in details for a membership site. 

    ✔︎ A PDF workbook to copmlement the programme so you can anchor the experience in your system. 

    ✔︎ Concrete, evidence based tools to help you find the pause to find your you can be the calm for you and your kids. 

    ✔︎ The skills to help you avoid the guilt that comes with losing your patience.