To be deeply listened to.

Being listened to, being fully heard and accepted and believed - can be healing all on its own.

I am often asked how CranioSacral Therapy works. There are many hypotheses out there – many of which are mechanical explanations of the process which may or may not be true but which offer somewhat plausible explanations, which I can relate to my work. Much of the time I am comfortable with the fact that we don’t yet know how everything works, and that much of how our body heals is a mystery - as are the workings of CranioSacral Therapy. I am most comfortable with the concept that working in the CranioSacral Therapy paradigm is all about listening and following. Listening with our ears and most importantly listening with our hands. There is a reason the modality uses such light touch – it is all about listening and noticing what is going on – too much pressure, just like too much talking means that one can’t really notice what is inherently going on in the tissues. Placing hands on the body with such a light touch and non-directive intention allows us, as therapists, to come in under the radar of resistance and ask the body: “What’s happening?”, “What do you need?” – Being noticed and heard at that level, alone, can result in relief from chronic tension and pain. Being listened to and being believed can help a person focus their energy on what it is they need to flourish.

The article below provides excellent insight into what it is like to live with a chronic, invisible illness. Being listened to becomes key to healing.

““I literally have patients who were just done,” she said. “They couldn’t go on. The first thing I do is validate their experience, and tell them, “I believe you.” Sometimes they start crying because somebody finally listened. Some patients show symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder because they’ve been ignored for so long. Marriages dissolve all the time because one spouse thinks the other is being lazy. Many chronically ill patients end up alone.”

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