What clients say

I came to Natalie having suffered for many years with chronic illness as well as constant back, neck and general pain. Working with Natalie I soon realised I had less pain, more energy and had not been ill as frequently, and when I did get a cold or a flare up of pain I was better able to cope and recovered faster. I wish I’d known about Natalie and CranioSacral Therapy sooner.

C. Carter


I first saw Natalie because I was suffering from debilitating headaches which were causing me significant stress.

During my first session Natalie gave me a CranioSacral Therapy treatment after a thorough assessment. Afterward I felt much more relaxed, less anxious and able to get on and enjoy a busy life again.

I am delighted, amazed and grateful for the improvement I had in only 1 session. I really find it quite amazing that I received such benefits in such a short time and so painlessly.  



I would recommend CST to anyone & everyone! I have been amazed that such a gentle, subtle technique could have such a profound effect. I have found my regular CST treatments with Natalie have improved my overall health. I have almost no tension headaches like I used to. Thank You Natalie for being so talented at what you do!

S. Lawson


I went to Natalie for lower back pain that had been aggravated through an injury.


I noticed improvement from the first session. I had less pain, more movement and felt great. The best part about seeing Natalie is that you get pain relief with a treatment that is both relaxing and energizing at the same time.

W. Bassett


I started consulting Natalie (via telephone as I live in South Africa) because I’ve been really struggling with chronic pain and the awful effects it has been having on my body, and I was desperate to stop taking opiates, as they have such terrible side effects.  

During my first session I was struck by how caring and considerate Natalie is. Her approach is not one where she tells you what you are doing wrong, but rather helps you work out your goals and devise a plan to achieve them

Later on, I realized how making small steps towards goals, along with small things like breathing properly made it not feel like a big scary process - it’s quite natural.

My pain management skills have increased, I am no longer using strong pain meds and I am able to live a life where pain doesn’t control my every thought and movement.

 Working with Natalie is such a pleasure. She is so caring and kind.I highly suggest Natalie for anyone battling with chronic pain – it’s not something that has to rule your life forever.

Francesca Ahsley-Cooper

Cape Town

I decided to try CST after a friend suggested it might help with some niggling running injuries.  


The sessions were very relaxing. At firstNatalie identified my neck and jaw as a source of tension and spent time on those. In subsequent sessions - she addressed tension in my hip with gentle unwinding. This resolved a niggling pain I'd been having for some time.


An unexpected benefit of receiving CST was that,  the sessions gave me greater awareness of my body when i'm running. I'm now better able to work out for myself what remedial action to take when something hurts, rather than immediately getting outside help, or just waiting and hoping it goes away. I definitely recommend Natalie for this treatment!


Katherine Morgan


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